• What’s The Deal With Induction Stoves?
    Full disclosure, I own an induction stove, and I’m a convert, so I am biased in a way. I’m also a huge cook, and absolutely love cooking on induction.
  • Portland Neighborhoods
    Did you know that Portland has 94 official neighborhoods?
  • Winter 2023 Newsletter
    Today’s newsletter has some winter maintenance tips, a market update, Potato’s Picks, a restaurant recommendation and a recipe for salty chocolate chip cookies.
  • Real Estate Transaction Timeline
    Here’s the timeline of a typical transaction if you’re a buyer, if purchasing with a loan.
  • Our Relationship
    When I bought my first home, I had no idea how realtors got paid, what was expected of me as a buyer, or how this whole thing worked. This post is to hopefully make you not feel that way!
  • 5 Good Reasons to Move to Portland, According to an AI Bot
    Do you agree with this AI bot’s list?
  • Current Average Home Prices in Portland
    Here’s a graph of the current average single family home prices in the greater Portland area broken down by neighborhood/zip code.
  • Do You Want to Relocate to Portland, Oregon?
    Are you thinking about moving to Portland, Oregon? I don’t blame you! I was in a similar situation in 2010 and landed here and am so thankful I did! This city has become my chosen home and I can’t say enough great things about it.
  • Fall 2022 Newsletter
    Today’s newsletter has some fall maintenance tips, a market update, Potato’s Picks, a restaurant recommendation and a recipe for cardamom buns.
  • Resources for Parents of Trans Kids Moving to Portland
    Are you a parent considering moving to Portland, Oregon to be in a friendlier place for your trans or queer child?
  • Make a Plan for Your Home’s Maintenance
    It’s important to add annual home maintenance to your radar so you can keep your new home in great condition.
  • How Much House Can You Afford?
    Figure out how much your monthly payment might be, and learn a bit about DTI.
  • You’ve Closed!
    Here’s a great list of things to do once you’ve got your keys.
  • Congrats! You’re in Contract!
    Your offer got accepted! Now what?
  • First Time Homebuyers
    Are you a first time homebuyer? Or has it been awhile and you want a refresher of the process? This article is for you!
  • Queer Lenders
    Here’s a list of recommended queer mortgage brokers and lenders in Portland.